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FleetVision, simplifying the fleet industry

FleetVision helps you to simplify your fleetFleetVision is on a mission is to simplify the fleet industry and generate exceptional ROI for clients by providing the tools, data and expertise to allow fleet operators to regain strategic control of their international fleet, their vehicles and their drivers.

Our Solutions

FleetVision SolutionsThe objective of our involvement is to evaluate the feasibility of the centralisation of fleet management processes and to define a a blueprint of your potential future centralised fleet structure. This includes the mapping of risks, barriers, advantages, disadvantages for the different alternatives to implement and operate a centre of excellence.

FleetVision will provide you with your cost/benefit analysis, implementation plans that will help you to proactive identify possible change management issues and resolve them.

The key issues affecting fleets today

It’s about you.

Make sure your current leasing provider is working for YOUR business

Total Cost of ownership | Compile, monitor and control… we’ll show you how.
Fleet Policy Checkup | SOX compliancy, transparency & control… we’ll show you how.
Invoice Auditing | Ask the right questions, tick all the boxes… we’ll show you how.







It’s time to get back in the driving seat.

The efficient Global Fleet.

Creating an efficient Global fleet can be a challenge.

We can help shape your vehicle policy so that is utilise best practice fleet management techniques whilst keeping internal stakeholders and your drivers happy.

A global integrated fleet. We’ll help you create it
The fleet puzzle. A few things explained
Looking after your drivers. We’ll you the do’s and dont’s
The essential tools. Take a look at our latest dashboards

Latest news

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A popular question! Often heard and ‘food’ for interesting and inspiring debates. Because so many elements affect this choice, a decision can only made case by case. Under the current market conditions, the latest statistics show that even in very mature markets, pricing becomes volatile and de-stabilised. Clearly a trigger to review your current position …

Falling residual values

Announcements on tens of million write-offs by the leading car leasing companies are nearly day to day articles in the international fleet press. You could think that because of the leasing product you have chosen, it does not at all affect your bottom line. We would challenge you on that thought and encourage you to …

Contract extensions – a good idea?

My leasing company offered to extend my contract at no additional cost. Should I accept that proposal? With the current funding shortage it is convenient for a leasing companies to retain existing business with no additional investments required. In case the annual mileage remains the same, your monthly instalments should go down.