About FleetVision

Simplifying the fleet industry and reducing your fleet costs!

FleetVision’s mission is to simplify the fleet industry and generate exceptional ROI for clients by providing the tools, data and expertise to allow fleet operators to regain strategic control of their international fleet, their vehicles and their drivers. We help you reduce fleet costs and obtain an efficient fleet.

  • Empowering fleet operators to achieve their cost and CO2 reduction strategies while maintaining or enhancing employee motivation.
  • Helping fleet operators set performance improvement objectives for their fleet suppliers and provide the reporting to ensure that these are delivered.
  • Ensuring that national and international fleet managers gain the recognition and reward they deserve by helping them to consistently achieve challenging strategic objectives for their fleet and communicating these achievements effectively within and outside their organisation.

What does simplifying the fleet industry mean?

Our business is driven by our core values that help us differentiate in a consistent manner.


We bring new ideas, solutions and tools to the market that help you make better decisions in a simplified way and reduce your fleet costs.

Straight talking

Being independent from manufacturers, leasing / fleet management companies and banks, we are able to offer clear and unbiased advice in the best interest of your company challenging the industry and its current way of thinking.


Our ability to work on any level within your company across your international structure our expertise lends itself to highlighting key challenges that may exist within your fleet strategy.