Sep 30, 2014

Contract extensions – a good idea?

Is it good for you or your Lease Co?

My leasing company offered to extend my contract at no additional cost. Should I accept that proposal? With the current funding shortage it is convenient for a leasing companies to retain existing business with no additional investments required. In case the annual mileage remains the same, your monthly instalments should go down.

This is not always offered however. FleetVision will help you understand the fair balance between your interest and those of your provider(s). FleetVision will also help you ensure that pricing elements are far better understood and will bring transparency in your future arrangements. This transparency also allows strong partnerships between you and your providers, as that partnership is not constantly sidetracked by pricing issues.

As an additional note, the current financial environment will ease the discussions with your drivers, making contract extensions a good long term policy change to be implemented.