Sep 30, 2014

Multi or single vendor?

Multi or single vendor? subtitle

A popular question! Often heard and ‘food’ for interesting and inspiring debates. Because so many elements affect this choice, a decision can only made case by case. Under the current market conditions, the latest statistics show that even in very mature markets, pricing becomes volatile and de-stabilised. Clearly a trigger to review your current position on this topic.

Where, certainly in mature markets, prices between the significant market players would operate in a bandwith of 1 – 4%, this has now dramatically changed to spreads over 15% on the monthly quoted rates with comparable terms and conditions.

Reviewing your position is not an overnight job and takes careful thought and consideration. FleetVision will help you make every step in that process. Our years of experience help you understand what to look for, determine your own priorities and make the choice that is best for your company.