Process Audits

SOX Compliancy

Where relevant, companies have reason to be concerned about SOX compliance. Because SOX is officially directed at publicly traded companies, most public companies require all their vendors to be SOX compliant. There is a comfort level that comes with using SOX compliant vendors, so it is only a matter of time until all companies, public or not, will require SOX compliant standards, such as process audits.

FleetVision provides an independent, third-party assessment of the conformity of any activity, process, deliverable, product or service of specified standards involved in or related to corporate mobility requirements. This includes criteria such as local standards, best practice or other documented requirements.

The benefits of our audits are:

  • Reduced risks and security threats
  • Enhanced understanding and day to day application of management directives
  • Simplified processes from policy life-cycle management
  • Demonstrable compliance and good governance
  • Improved intra department information exchange and management information system consistency