Contract Management

Contract Management puzzles

International agreements in the automotive service industry are complex puzzles. FleetVision helps by putting the right pieces together with your business plan as a key priority.

FleetVision is uniquely positioned to embed international contract management in its services portfolio. With ‘hands on’ support, we bring international legal expertise to the market place that will work alongside your own legal services.

Using Contract Management services by FleetVision provides the client with a 360 degrees view on contract portfolio and a strategic view with the objective of reducing costs, adding value, controlling the risks & optimising the processes. Legal and commercial terms, including T&C’s will be well defined.

This service is unmatched and allows our customers to embed, monitor and benchmark the results of their enhanced sourcing programmes. We will support you with Service Level Agreements, Key Performance Indicators and contract renewal to finally close the loop on your outsourced fleet management services.

So now, your sourcing results will last till the contract renewal date, building sustainable supplier partnerships.