Environmental Policies

More and more companies around the world are driven by their own corporate social responsabilities (CSR) to review their current mobility solutions.

As a result, adhoc initiatives are taken, often CO2 footprint related. The experience of FleetVision shows, however, that only CSR embedded policy changes initiate a sustainable environmental friendly mobility programme.

Environmental policies are frequently funded by the cost savings they generate in parallel. And so, compiling a successful business case is required for the release of the up front resource requirements. Long term objectives, CSR integration and senior management sponsorship are eminent.

As a summary, FleetVision will help you address and follow through the following steps:

  • Solid business case with minimum 3 year scope
  • Low CO2 footprint vehicle selectors
  • Benchmark CO2 “anticipated” against “actual”
  • Identify priorities and quick wins
  • Consider alternative mobility policies and renewal strategy
  • Deploy driver training, motivation and target setting
  • Review in-car systems such as cruise control, navigation and telematics

None of these initiatives will succeed without reporting tools and project management methodologies. FleetVision will help you to compile a sustainable programme, supported by environmental dashboards and ongoing benchmarks. Talk to us, and we will help you understand why.